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Investing App in 2020 | Top 5 Best Apps

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Investing may seem simple but when you get to the bottom of it, it is more complicated than you think. Many beginners make mistakes that cost them hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This is why it is very important to know what investing app to use and what source of knowledge to utilize. Hopefully, our list will help you make the right choices and minimize the risk of wasting your capital on bad investment strategies. Let’s begin.

Robinhood – Best Stock Trading Investing App

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When it comes to stock trading platforms, you have to start with Robinhood. Their app is available for both Android and iOS while the ratings and the number of downloads speak for themselves. Robinhood has been around 2013 and as many reviews would tell you, it is best for stock trading. It is important to note that this app can be used for other purposes as well: Cash Management, Stocks & Funds, Options, Gold, Crypto.

Trading Game – Best Trading Simulator & School Investing App

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As we mentioned earlier, trading can be a dangerous game for beginners and for those that don’t have enough information/knowledge about the subject. The Trading Game has been deemed the best forex trading simulator by the users. If you look at the Play Store, you will see that this app was downloaded more than 1 million times while the reviews are mostly positive. It is recommended for beginners and intermediate traders as well. This app provides users with enough knowledge. To go from a complete newbie in the trading world to someone. Who knows how to trade, when to trade and what to trade. Check it out and find out why millions of users worldwide are using it on a daily basis!

eToro – Best Social Trading App

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eToro is a platform that is best for social trading. Many consider it as the world’s leading social trading platform. So, the reviews on the app store can easily confirm that. Hence, it is mainly use by people who don’t want to put their capital at risk on their own. But rather copy reputable traders on the platform and take profits from their trading strategies. The process is very simple – if the traders are making profits, so are you. In case you need more information about this app, be sure to read this Forbes coverage that explains everything in detail.

Stockpile – Best Stock Gifting App

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If you need investing app that is best for stock gifting, you should look no further than Stockpile. Stock gifting, for those unfamiliar with the subject, is a process. Where you purchase stocks for your friends or family and gift them via Stockpile. Therefore, the gifting is do through gift cards. So, that can redeem on the Stockpile platform at any given time. You can find more information about this app on its official website.

BUX app – Best CFDs Trading App


If you are looking to invest and trade with zero commissions, BUX is the investing app you should probably check out. It allows you to trade CFDs with leverage, buy and trade Cryptocurrencies. And also track the markets in real-time on your phone. It can download for Android and Apple phones. The interface is very slick and intuitive. Meaning that even beginners can easily navigate the app and use it with ease.

And that concludes our list. Be sure to pick your apps carefully, invest responsibly and manage your capital with caution. Any form of trading can be risky if you are careless with your investments. So, be sure to inform yourself before spending money in the markets.



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