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How online poker traffic is raised by Covid-19

online poker, Affecting the USA
Affecting The United States of America

Due to Covid-19 a lot of people are getting contained. Here are some interesting facts you should know of. Then, you can earn money from this situation. This article presents how and why the Covid-19 epidemic increases online poker traffic. In addition, we will suggest a couple of ways to make money out of it.

It already happened

We looked at the countries that took containment measures first. So, we can make reasonable predictions on what is going to happen elsewhere. For example, France was one of the first places that contained population. As a result, Winamax, the local leading poker site had a huge rise in traffic. Its tournaments guaranteed are getting massively exceed ever since.

Online poker traffic is easy to explain why.

First, people have to stay at home. For a lot all them, it’s an immediate change of habits. As a result, they are looking to replace they’re usual sports practice and competitions, or mental activities, by another challenge. Poker is a great way to do that. Its environment provides both adrenaline and mental dilemma.
Secondly, most of professional Sports competitions stops. It means no more sports betting. Once again, Punters find an alternative in playing poker.

In the same manner, online world poker traffic is going to Skyrock. Indeed, more and more people are getting stuck. And, all major professional sports leagues are stopped. On the contrary, only Poker keeps running. In particular, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies allow everyone to access and play on poker rooms.

How can you make a profit out of it?

Contrary to sports betting and casino games, in Poker you play against other players. It means that you can make money if you make fewer mistakes than them.

In addition, the arrival of a lot of beginners on poker sites makes the competition softer. In other words, you can print money by having a very basic strategy. For instance, play only the best hands, be tight and rigorous.
If you have enough time, the online Poker tournament is the best way to leverage this situation. Register for a tournament, play safe and wait for others to bust and get you in the money.
Otherwise, Cash-Game or Sit’n Go Jackpot are great ways to take a part of the cake. Sit a couple of minutes, play tight (only your best hands), and generate profits.
Furthermore, can learn advanced strategies to get more money out of this traffic raise.

Don’t forget the basics:

  1. only play money that you can afford losing
  2. have fun!


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