What is the Best Strategy for Making Money in the Stock Market?

Making Money in the Stock Market

 Every investment in this world, no matter how small or large, is made with a purpose, that is, to earn money. With so many options to invest, investing in stocks is considered as one of the best and worldwide practices. Stocks or shares are the official documents that allow you to be a part of a corporation and have...

Is It Safe To Invest In Stocks Right Now?

Invest In Stocks

2020 has arrived and we’ve entered the second month of this year. It has opened new possibilities while also restricting the ones before. One of the best ways to earn money over money is to invest in stocks. But is investing in stocks safe right now? That depends on you and your decision. Stocks have also remained a risky...

Pro and Cons of investing in Stock Market

Pro and Cons of investing

"Stocks", "shares", "investing in stocks", you must have heard these terms around. Is investing in stocks really a worthwhile and profitable activity? What benefits do investing in stocks offer? This article will be focusing on if investing in stocks is really a valuable enterprise, its importance, and the pros and cons of investing in stocks. But before jumping directly...

What Is The Definition of Financial Planning In 2021?

The Definition of Financial Planning

Financial planner: A financial planner is a certified and licensed practitioner who assists companies, businesses, and individuals in meeting their short term or long-term financial goals effectively. A financial planner analyzes his clients' objectives, financial targets, goals, resources of income, risk endurance, personal life, and corporate activities and makes a comprehensive and customized fitting plan for their investments and incomes. Financial...

What Are The Eight Components of Financial Planning In 2021?

The Eight Components of Financial Planning

Everything we do, every activity we undertake, every decision we make, is backed by some reasoning and proper planning. Which college are you going to choose, which career are you looking to adopt? Which city are you going to settle in, how are you going to choose your life partner, you plan for each and everything. Out of all these...

What is Finance? Best Finance Explaining Guide 2021

What is Finance?

You might’ve heard about the current “financial issues” faced by Turkey? Or how about the first 100 Companies listed in Forbes Magazine as they are financially strong? Or maybe your friend asked you for a loan because he’s financially low? It might appear so that finance dominates every aspect of our life be it people, companies or even countries....

The Best Way To Understand Personal Finance 2021

Way To Understand Personal Finance

Finance, in simplest of terms, can be defined as the management of the money. When we talk about the management of money, it means, how to use money effectively and efficiently, minimizing the wastage and optimizing the resources. Financial management tells us how to invest, how to spend, how to save, how to lend, how to borrow. Finance is...

How To Calculate Your Net Worth In 2021?


Defining Net Worth?  Have you ever heard of the term richest man alive? How do you think that out of all the people in the world, we are able to identify the richest man in the world? Although some might believe that it is your total income that makes you the richest man, it is the net worth that decides...

Benefits of Budgeting Your Money In 2021

Benefits of Budgeting Your Money

Making money has become quite more accessible in this era. Just a phone and a good internet connection are enough sometimes to make you the next rich man. However, spending money without knowing it is also the current hot trend. The reason is that our lives are now constantly bombarded with marketing. You’d often see an ad of a...