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You Might’ve Heard About The Current “Financial Issues” Faced By Turkey? Or How About The First 100 Companies Listed In Forbes Magazine As They Are Financially Strong? Or Maybe Your Friend Asked You For A Loan Because He’s Financially Low? It Might Appear So That Finance Dominates Every Aspect Of Our Life Is It People, Companies Or Even Countries. But The Question Remains, What Finance Really Is? Simply Put, Finance Deals With Managing Your Resources, Or Otherwise Your Money. So, If You Have Just Received Your Pocket Money, Then The Processes Of Budgeting, Spending And Saving Your Money Are All Financial Decisions. Experts Term It As Personal Finance. If You Run A Corporation With Limited Capital, With Just A Few Additions To The Same Processes, It Becomes Corporate Finance.

calculating your liabilities

Defining Net Worth Liquid? calculating your liabilities

Liquid Net worth is simply the subtraction of all your assets from your total liabilities. Hence, in theory, the richest man would...
What Are The Eight Components Of Financial Planning?

What Are The Eight Components Of Financial Planning?

Everything we do, every activity we undertake, every decision we make, is backed by some reasoning and proper financial planning. Which college...
Benefits Of Budgeting Your Money

Benefits Of Budgeting Your Money(Control over Money)

Making money has become quite more accessible in this era. Just a phone and a good internet connection are enough sometimes to...
Tools of Personal Finance

Tools of Personal Finance

The tools for personal finance have been developed over time by different mathematicians and investors. These tools can guide you from the...
best way to understand personal finance

Personal Finance Sources Best Way To Understand

Personal finance sources, in simplest of terms, can be defined as the management of the money. When we talk about the...
simple finance

What is Personal Finance? Personal Finance Intro!

Finance is a rising field of Business sciences that continues to grow and become more and more popular in the Business World....
What is Finance?

What is Finance? A detailed guide for you!

You might’ve heard about the current “financial issues” faced by Turkey? Or how about the first 100 Companies listed in Forbes...

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