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Biggest garage sale mistakes that will cost you money?

biggest garage sale mistakes
What are the biggest garage sale mistakes that will cost you money?

Garage sale mistakes

We should mention with honest, everybody loves garage sales near me. It is fun and very economical. People love to buy something that is “good” and “cheap”. But as far as a garage seller is concerned, a good or “pleasing” garage sales means “a profiting” garage sale. Just like every other business activity, garage sales are held with only one purpose and that is, earning profit. Some people do some garage sale mistakes. But, if you are making a lot of effort and spending a lot of time and still unable to get a really handy or rewarding profit, then, you are doing something terribly wrong.

One undeniable fact that is associated with garage sales business. People are looking for cheap things. As a seller, you must be aware of this fact that people will not pay “big bucks” for your stuff.

Here are some mistakes that most garage sellers do and you need to avoid while selling your stuff.

Garage sale mistakes Starting late:

People do most of their shopping or related stuff on weekends. But, shopping is not the only activity they are after. They surely want to enjoy their weekend and therefore they cannot spend all day long just doing the shopping. As a seller, you need to open early. Let us say, you should open at 9:00 am? Why? Because you are not the only seller in the town. If your competitors are up and running, while you have not “opened” yet, you have already lost “few” customers. Even if you are doing different business hours, you must make it clear to customers by communicating your business hours through proper signs or boards.

“This cannot be sold”:

One thing, most of the garage sellers do is. They assume that “We cannot sell this, who will buy this thing?”. Well, this is a wrong perception. It is not necessary that if you are not using a certain item anymore, no one else will. You may be using it for a different purpose and they might need it for something else. Imagine, you have a computer and it has some technical issues or something is “broken” in it and it is not useable anymore. But, there may be someone who needs a hard disk or a RAM? you can still that “part”. You may not earn much but throwing that stuff in the garbage is not a good option either.

Bad timing:

If you are going to sell ice skates or warm clothes in summer, well, it won’t work out for you. You might be thinking about season end clearance sales but you must also know that those are unused items with considerably lower prices and people will definitely go for the new ones rather than old and used ones. So, if you are thinking about your “season end clearance garage sale”, it might not work out. You need to be aware of your location, weather, trends, and customs. Everything cannot be sold at any time in a year.

Not keeping the change:

As mentioned earlier, you must start early because people have bigger agendas to attend to and garage sales are often based on “smaller bills”. So, before opening for business, you need to have a lot of change, especially coins. Assume that someone buys an item from your stock which is worth $5 and handing over a $100 bill. Now, if you do not have the change, you are most likely to lose that sale transaction.  Therefore, do not turn down a bigger any bill offered if you want to grow your sales.

Expecting “original retail price”:

Now, there is no doubt that you cannot sell your goods at original or even near to the original retail price. It is a commonly known fact that things in garage sales are sold for half of the original retail price, or even lesser than that. In fact, the lower your prices are, the more and more you can sell.

You must understand that buyers on garage sales are eyeing a lot of bargaining and if you are expecting them to pay you as much as the original price, then what is the point of a garage sale? If they have to buy something even paying 75% of the original price, then why would they give you that much money? They can buy a new one buy just adding 25% remaining. So, do not expect this kind of trade. Try to keep your prices lower, yet profitable.

Not offering a “jumbo deal”:

buy 3 and get 1 free, buy 5 and get 1 free”. You have seen these kinds of offers so many times in your life. This is a psychological factor that can attract customers very easily. The word “free” can attract any customer immediately. It can grab immediate attention. Some garage sellers prefer individual selling or item-to-item selling. People love something “extra” whether it’s a garage sale or a normal sale. You can include “jumbo deals” in your packages. For example, you can give a 5% discount on shopping for $100 or more. Or, you can say “do shopping worth $100 or more and get one item worth $10 of your liking completely FREE”. This can grab attention easily.

“Dig it out for yourself”:

“If a customer wants something badly, let them find it from the “bulk” I piled up”. As a seller, if you having this kind of attitude, you are simply doing it wrong. Now, imagine yourself as a customer. Would you do this much work if you are asked to the same? The answer is NO. you will look for easier options, you will strive for ease and comfort. As a seller, you must understand that “a customer is a customer” whether it’s a garage sale business or any other business. Make your customers at ease, segregate things according to their categories and make them clearly visible and available. If your customer is having difficulty in finding the required item, most likely, he might skip it as well.

Not using price tags:

Not mentioning the price of items, this can be considered as a “cardinal sin” in this business as well. Just think for a moment, you are out shopping and you don’t see any price tags on items. won’t you feel uncomfortable? Of course, you will, because you have to ask for the price of every single item you are checking. Let’s say, you got something you need but when you ask for the price, it is way more than your expectations, wouldn’t you feel a little embarrassed while leaving it there?

Using price tags will make things easier for your customers. Even if a customer is thinking about bargaining, a price tag will give him an idea about how much can he bargain for this. Besides, it looks awkward and impossible to tell every customer individually about the price of every item.

Unorganized and dirty inventory:

Yes, it is obvious that you cannot put your stuff on fancy or “amazing” shelves or some beautifully decorated lawn or garage. But, if your location or venue is messy, it will not help either. Putting in some effort to make a clean and presentable place will definitely boost your garage sale business because nobody likes a “dirty” neighborhood.

The other thing you must keep in mind that the inventory or stuff you are selling must be in sellable. If you are not willing to use a certain item because it looks “dirty” then, how can you imagine someone to use it?

Not only this, but people also do not like “unorganized inventory”. If you have not segregated different items then you are making things difficult for the buyers. Having set up things categorically can save a lot of time and effort and put your customers at ease.

“It’s funny to advertise for garage sales”:

As we know, garage sales are held by private individuals and they are not supposed to operate by getting business licenses. This means advertising for garage sales can be free of cost. Besides, you can also use social media to advertise for your sales and every one of us is fully aware of the power of social media. An attractive and comprehensive advertisement can surely bring in customers. You can advertise through friends or family members. In fact, adding a friend or a family member in your “venture” will be a helping hand.

Not using proper or appropriate signboards:

Proper and comprehensive communication is a key factor to success in any field. The same goes for this business. You have to communicate about your business hours or days and the venue where you are going to hold your business. Using clear, appropriate, and comprehensive signboards will be of great help.

Garage sales can be fun as well as a profitable activity if it is done with seriousness and intention to earn the profit. By keeping these few elements in mind, you can earn “handsome bucks” for the things that you might consider throwing in the garbage.

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