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5 Ways To Finance Real Estate Investments (Updated)

Real Estate Investments
Real Estate Investments

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Real Estate Investments, you might have heard of investors telling each other that if they have some extra money and are looking for long term investment plans, they must invest in real estate and buy a property. Well, that’s right because investing in real estate is the best and the safest option. Regardless of what happens in the investing market the prices of property always rise from which you can make a healthy profit.

But unfortunately, this is not entirely true and if you ask anyone who invests in real estate he will definitely tell you that you should think twice before investing your money in real estate, but that doesn’t mean that you can ever make money by investing in real estate but rather there are many hidden hurdles that most of the people aren’t aware of that might lead you to lose money. To solve this problem of yours we have come up with some tips and ways that you should consider before investing your money in real estate.

What is a real estate investment?

In simple words, it means buying and selling of property in order to gain some profits. There are many types of real estate investment, the most basic forms include commercial, residential, industrial, and land. It is already known that each kind of real estate investment has its own possible advantages and drawbacks. There are always expectations on what might cause you advantage or what does not, so it is very important to review them before adding any of these types into your portfolio. Now let’s have a quick look at these types.

Type 1:  commercial real estate investment:

These properties include skyscrapers, high-end buildings, commercial complexes, and offices. If you have some savings, you can think of buying a building and renting offices, to earn plenty of money. Involving multiannual rentals is not uncommon for commercial real estate. This will result in greater cash flow stability and support the owner as rental prices drop. One concern is that prices are fluctuating and rent levels may dramatically escalate in a limited period.

Type 2:  industrial real estate investments:

This type of real estate investment includes garages, warehouses, storage rooms, or other specific property activities that produce revenue from consumers utilizing the facility. Industrial real estate can sometimes lead you to some significant fee payments to maximize the owner’s return on investment. If you are a beginner then this type is not a good choice for you because the buying price is incredibly high, and it is far more complicated than the other two types.

Type 3: retail or land real estate investment:

One of the simplest ways to move into real estate investing is to invest in land. Usually, it is the least profitable, too. Land ownership is when you own land and you rent it to others for use, for example, farm or residential houses. Retail investments include shopping malls and other storefronts. For certain instances, for addition to base rent, the property owner often earns a share of the revenue made by the vendor shop to enable them to maintain the property in top-notch shape.

Tips to finance your real estate investment

Small business association loans

Find a hard money lender:

Well, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to hard money lenders, some people think of them as mobsters who are going to take your money and others think that they are mythical creatures that can never be found, but that just not true. Hard money lenders are not evil and hard to find but they are looking for you just like you are looking for them. The technique of hard money lending is utilized by the investors to fund them and these funds come from private entities instead of any government party as it saves them from many time and energy-draining admirative processes. Plus, they are easy to obtain.

Sometimes private money lenders come with some specific rules as they won’t lend you money for risky projects and they can easily back off, unlike government banks. So, keeping this in mind and investors should have the ability to take them into confidence and trust their ability if they will be able to return their loans back or not. This type of loan also has exceptionally high-interest rates and require a significant down payment or personal commitment.They still have far shorter periods than conventional loans, which take just one to two years. But if you are unable to find suitable hard money lenders for you, you can look up into the internet as there are many websites providing you free access to lenders who have great profile and reputation, moreover, you can search according to tour state and location.

Look for micro-loans:

In microloans, a lender gives a loan on a small amount, which usually ranges from $100 to $1500, the debtor pays back the loan on a weekly basis with some interest on it. Usually, microloans are targeted towards small companies or entrepreneurs that need funding to drive more growth. Such loans are, as the name implies, less than what is usually done by conventional bank funding.Microloans may not be perfect for everybody because they usually have higher interest rates than those provided by regular loan programs.

Invest in real estate crowdfunding:

With the advancement of time, the real estate crowd-funding has seen a phenomenal level of growth. Hence, according to many professionals, it is the best way to finance from real estate. Moreover, if you are an investor and are looking for ways to diversify. Then going for crowd-funding is the best option.  Additionally, instead of needing to hunt for and rebuild property by themselves. Investors may visit crowd-funding sites to choose from a selection of eligible investment projects to engage in. They also have an opportunity to purchase low-cost shares of the property.

Sometimes as little as 1,000 dollars, and receive a percentage of the sales or rent fees. After the project is finished. This having been mentioned, this form of investment comes with a high risk. Be mindful that the return on investment may take longer, based on how each contract is arranged. Furthermore, realize that if the project drops. It is the investors who will have to bear the damage instead of the owner.

 Small business association loans:

Small business association loans
Small business association loans

The SBA are government bodies that exist to support the entrepreneurship. It backs third party loans for the growth activities. Like purchasing inventory equipment or buying real estate or acquiring other businesses. The assurance helps banks to become more able to bear risks. Although a loan’s availability may rely on the circumstances of a borrower. Such loans usually have higher credit limits — up to $2,000,000. It is essential to remember that Small business Association loans are not to invest in buying property. But with them, you can make your own real estate company. Sadly, the protection provided by SBA loans comes at a premium. Besides being exposed to heavy penalties, creditors must have a good credit score. And be willing to demonstrate enough income on their tax returns to apply.


Like for every project, each situation comes with a specific collection of benefits and drawbacks. So make sure you do extensive analysis. Until you determine which choice is better for you

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