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The Best Stock Market Books For A Winning Portfolio 2021

Best Stock Market Books
Best Stock Market Books

From hit and trials to forming a proper art, stock markets have evolved a lot. Millions have gone from rags to riches and millions pursue to do so. From investment personalities on Instagram to entrepreneurs advising the masses from their blogs, the boom of stock markets doesnt seem to fade away anytime soon. A lot of books have been written on the topic, the number being almost huge to gobble up. This article enlists some of the best investing books and do-it-yourself stock market books out there. Happy trading!

  1. Beating The Street

Author: Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is one the finest stocks man in America. In his book, he breaks the stereotypee that everyone can’t do it. Hexplains his preference of stocks over bonds and other investments, investing in depressed stocks, Cylicals – his favorite, all the while teaching to look for stocks that are common around us. A good investing book for the novel trader.

  1. How To Day Trade For A Living

Author: Andrew Aziz

As a PhD scholar turned to stocks trader, Andrew teaches his rules for risk management, controlling emotions in trading, his famous 2% and 6% Rules, managing commissions, his Support and Resistance Strategy and the VWAP Strategy in this work, probably one of the best stock marketing books out there.

  1. Liar’s Poker: Rising Through The Wreckage On Wall Street

Author: Michael Lewis

The book is a recollection of Salomon Brothers of 1980s on the Wall Street. He looks back at the bluffs played on the Street (Liar’s Poker, of course), the corporate culture, and his tugs of war with traders. Although somewhat off topic from being an investing book,  still it provides an insight to the machinery of Wall Street.

  1. Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator

Author: Edwin Lefèvre

Originally published in 1923, the author recollects his surprising ascend on the Wall Street from all the while being young and learning from the market itself. The stock market book  a perfect lesson on understanding the market psychology, importance of timing, investing in commodities, discipline and emotions. The crux of all the lessons is to have a vivid mindset for making a living out there; “Vision without money means heartaches; with money, it means power” 

  1. Winning On The Wall Street

Author: Martin Zweig

The author, being one of the most successful stocks investor on the Street, gives his memoir of making money from the 1987 market crash, the Zweig Unweighed Price Index, Monetary Models and his principles of Investing. The book is made for advanced and fierce stocks traders who must know how and when to make the move in the business, making it one of the best investing books on shelves out there. 

  1. Security Analysis

Author: Benjamin Garaham, David Dodd

The book is an insightful tale of the Wall Street that was still recovering from the 1923 Great Depression. This investment book teaches making safe investments and is a recollection sought out by lots of investors.

  1. Trading In The Zone

Author: Mark Douglas

This stock market book is a timeless account of the market psychology. Mark Douglas emphasizes on his advices various times in the book, telling the difference between the thinking of traders that make consistent profits and those who dont.

  1. A Random Walk Down The Wall Street

Author: Burton Gordon Malkiel

This book is a calssical piece of work on the subject of investments and finances. Burton discusses the trader’s investment choices and the frenzy of masses on certain investments, along with “Technical” and “Fundamental analysis”, “Portfolio Theory”, and the importance of risks in increasing the profits. If you are interested in the stocks even a little, this stock market book is a keeper, for sure.

  1. Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing

Author: Robert Kiyosaki

The book is a guide to become the ultimate investor. Apart from guiding the reader about the behavior of stocks, the author also writes on various methods that would help one to acheive profits such as successful management of assets and debts, minimizing the expenses, understanding the difference of assets and liabilities, acquiring the Three E’s and investing as soon as possible. The book is a very beneficial read for the beginners in the game.

  1. Stocks To Riches

Author: Parag Parikh

The book is the summary of the author’s years of study of the stock market and gives a glimpse of the business for the common people. Parikh himself being an expert broker accounts his learnings in this investing book that are helpful for both beginners and seasoned investors and stocks brokers.

  1. When To Sell: Inside Strategies For Stock Market Profits

Author: Justin Mamis

Justin Mamis provides a look at the stock markets in the era of 1990s. He explains the various actions for successful operations of stocks such as timing of the selling, holding stocks and the evolution of stocks prices. This stock market book is laden with interesting case histories that help to understand the dynamics of the market for managing stocks. Moreover, the book also gives and analyzes a few principles of the trading of stocks.

  1. Stocks For The Long Run

Author: Jeremy Siegel

The book comprises an analysis of the United States stock market over a large period of time, starting from 1802. Jeremy devises the strategies for buying and holding certain stocks and minimizing the risks in the long term, along with the ahort term fluctuations in the prices. Although some consider the book to be based on investments for a very long time-frame, it is considered to be one of the 10 best investment books by The Washington Post.
Similar books include “Money Maker” (David Weekly) and “Investing In Stocks And Shares” (Dr John White).

  1. The Little Book That Beats The Market

Author: Joel Greenblatt

Joel Greenblatt is the Hercules of the market who has made his fortunes by successfully implementing his “magic formula” while making investments. He writes the same in his great investment book – the method to look for stocks that give the maximum of profits possible. He teaches to evaluate the stocks, ranking them in a list and keeping patience in expectation of the result. The book is written in easy language and is highly recommended for those learning the business 

  1. Step By Step Dividend Investing

Author: Joseph Hogue

This investment book is the second of the four-volume series of “Step by Step Investing” books in which the author explains the importance of Dividend Stocks. The book guides how to make a constant influx of profits, with minimun losses even in times of recessions.

The other books of these series include Step By Step Emerging Markets Investing and Ste by Step Step Bond Investing, also highly recommended for experienced investors.

  1. The Way Of The Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders 

Author: Curtis M. Faith

The book is a recollection of a small group of young traders that were trained on the Wall Street. Curtis shares the rules of trading that were taught to them; to find the “trading edge”, keeping an eye on risks and staying disciplined in trading. He ascertains that one can operate on the stocks market by wisdom itself, without any set golden rules. Definitely, this stock market book is helpful for beginners who are learning the process.

  1. A History Of The United States In Five Crashes

Author: Scott Nations

Although this book is originally about the economics and the social and cultural aspects of the five stock market crashes that occurred in US, it is also a detailed account of dynamics of the American tock markets during those times of crises. Unfortunate situations such as the Great Recession of 2008 and Flash Crash of 2010 have been illustrated in detailed accounts that cover their impact on the market, the investors and the nation as a whole. Seasoned traders can utilise this book to predict the recessions and crises in future and take steps necessary to ensure their survival.

  1. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need:

Author: Andrew Tobias

Apart from being an excellent lesson on the stocks market, this investment book provides a complete guide of the financial aspects of the readers life, such as managing expenses, paying off the taxes and lookimg for newer means of income. Andrew Tobias slso eloquently explains the need for taking calculated risks for growth and saving up money, both for future investments and for unforeseen situations. For the beginners, the book gives a long list of valuable tips to make a living on he stocks market. Suffice to say, it indeed is the only investment book that a person wil ever need, just as the title suggests!

  1. Savvy Investing: Strategies for Successful Investing

Author: Gary D. Lemon

The book is indeed a guide for beginners who have little understanding of the stocks market. The author teaches that a successful trader can control only few variables associated with his venture, and nominates cost and risks as two of the few controllable variables. The book is, in simple words, an insight of how the stocks work and how the profit is made off them. The book also talks about wisely planning for the future and urges to invest capital in scattered and diverse stocks rather than a single one.

This investment book is written in simple language in and uses humor to convey concepts, hence it is definitely recommended to beginners.

  1. You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

Author: Joel Greenblatt

In this investment book, Joel gives his basic rules for operating the stock market. He outlines the apparently unseen places that can be opportunities for earning profits and explains how various “special situations” such as bankruptcies, spinoffs, restructurings can be tackled and used wisely to produce profits.

  1. Full of Bull

Author: Stephen T. McClellan

“Do what Wall Street does, not what it says, to make money in the world”.

The author is a retired security analyst on the Wall Street and writes about the discrepancies in the security analysis of stock companies. He points out that most of these analyses are out dated and might point the trader in the wrong direction about the expected behavior of the stocks. Further, he trains the reader to use these analyses to their benefits. Apart from being a helpful guide for advanced investors, the book is also a detailed recollection of the various noticable events that took place on The Wall Street during the author’s career.

  1. Real Money: Sane Investing In An Insane World

Author: Jim Cramer

Jim writes his own methods of business in this investment book. He recommends that the people should study the performance of their stocks in detail from time to time, and keep a portfolio that includes both safe investments such as blue chip corporates and risky ones whose growth and profit is based on chance. He teaches about timing the purchase and the sales of a particular stock, and identifying a unverpriced stock that might hit a boom. 

His other book, “ Confessions Of A Street Addict”, is a memoir of his own time as a trader and investor.

  1. Stock Market Wizards

Author: Jack Schwager

The remake of a brilliant book from more than 5 decades ago, this stock market book is a collection of interviews with successful stocks brokers that made their fortune with little investments and earned huge proportions of profits. The book explains the strategies and rules of investing such as capital preservation, risk management and how a trade might be good while being less profitable, while another might be more profitable, yet a bad one.

  1. How To Make Money In Stocks 

Author: William O’Neil

This is probably the best stock market book available in the market that can be used by beginners. William describes the CANSLIM system of ranking of the available stocks and teaches its methods of useage and gives remarkable advice on predicting the profitable stocks on the stock market.

  1. Trading From Your Gut

Author: Curtis Faith

Also renowned as the “Turtle Trader”, Curtis Faith discusses the psychological and mental aspects associated with the art of trading in this stocks market book. The author further explains the difference between the thinking of seasoned “Left Brain” thinkers (thinking according to skill) and the novel “Right Brain” thinkers (using their instincts). He further suggests and guides to make combined use of intuition and intelligence, thus utilising both Right and Left Brains. He further suggests that a stocks trader should not only avoid adhering robotically to a fixed set of rules in his operations, but also must learn to make use of his gut feelings too.

  1. Super Trader 

Author: Van K. Tharp

Van K. Tharp is a professional trading coach that has written numerous books on the subject. In this investment book, he helps traders develop the mindset required to become successful, developing a plan and reshaping the thought process to become what he calls “Super Trader”. The book is written for stock traders and investors who wish to develop a winning attitude.

  1. Buffet: The Making Of An American Capitalist

Author: Roger Lowenstein

The book is a biography of the king of Wall Street and is a must-read for all aspiring investors. Warren started investing at a very young age, soon learning the craft. His signature move – buying undervalued stocks and waiting for them to boom – along with his brilliant techniques and trading philosophies, has made him rise from humble beginnings to a net worth of billions of dollars. The book looks at his various aspects of life – his early life, businesses while studying at college, his marital life, his simple lifestyle despite being immensely rich and his advices to win on the stocks market. Definitely, the book is a great read for people who wish to know more about the stocks-tycoon himself and wish to follow his footsteps.

  1. Trading Beyond The Matrix

Author: Van K. Tharp

The book is a collection of memoirs of eleven traders who recount their steps that ultimately led to their boom in the stock market. The beautifully written stock market book is a valuable lesson for aspiring traders and stock brokers, where Van K. Tharp uses the analogy of concept of “Red Pill” from The Matrix to supposedly enlighten people! The author describes interesting techniques such as the “Nine Steps For Mastering Yourself” and statistical analysis of the investmemts that can improve one’s performance on the stocks desk,

  1. The Four Principles of Investing

Author: William Bernstein

This investment book is a well-crafted combination of the history, principles and models of investments, psychological aspects of trading and exercises for handling risks – the one to-go book for stocks men at the Wall Street. The author attempts to introduce the Four Pillars of investments to the readers – The Theory, History, Psychology and the Business of Investment. The book is filled with factual knowledgeable and would certainly help to make that one portfolio to win them all!


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